1. MX Inland Championship Series

    MX Inland Championship Series

    This series was as a result of 3 track owners deciding on a Motocross series and forming the new “MX Inland Club Championship Series”. The Inland Championship caters for all development, club, regional and national competitors at affordable rates.
  2. Enduro World - EWXC

    Enduro World - EWXC

    The EWXC series run by Gary Franks, who is a renowned promoter and organizer. Gary is well known for giving good value for money race events. He has also been a pioneer in the opening of new race formats in South Africa, like Night Ex, Enduro Sprints and Mountain Madalas. Gar has a very good history of training competitors for major events like “The Roof”.
  3. Lowveld Enduro

    Lowveld Enduro

    Lowveld Enduro has grown from strength to strength under the guidance of Kym Alder and promoted events mainly in the Loweveld region. Kym's professional approach in that region has catered for a fairly large segment.
  4. Red Star Raceway

    Red Star Raceway

    Red Star which was completed in 2006 and was developed primarely as a Superbike race track for competitors in South Africa, giving them the latest updated facilities and a track that was more suitable for International competition. The owner Mr Jaques van Wyngaardt also put in the unique feature that the track operates for 6 months of the year in a clock wise direction and then the next 6 months in a anti clock wise direction. Jacques and his family are dedicated superbike and motorcycle enthusiates.
  5. Limpopo Inter Provincial MX Series

    Limpopo Inter Provincial MX Series

    The Limpopo series started as a result of WOMZA seperating this region from the old Northern regions and allowing the sport to grow in that region, drawing competitors from Polokwane, Nelspruit, Louis Trichardt and Phalaborwa. Today they are a stand alone region.
  6. Off Road - Africa Off Road

    Off Road - Africa Off Road

    This series is run very succesfully by Mr Flip and Berta Wellman. This started as a small series and now they are running very succesfull Club, Regional and National event.