For The Love Of 2 Wheels.

The World Of Motorsport ZA administration was started in 2006 by Chairman and founder Tim Stephens. WOMZA2Wheels joined the cars in 2012. This doubled the total number clubs and licensed holders and greatly helped transform WOMZA into a National Motorsport Federation.  WOMZA had to go sar far as to win a High Court hearing in 2011, wherein the Court recognized WOMZA's right to operate as an Independent Motorsport Administrator.

WOMZA has played a key role in the growth and promotion of 2 -Wheeled motorsport in this country.  WOMZA 2-Wheels has various different facets running under its umbrella namely motocross, enduro, off road, superbikes and certain speciality events like North vs. South, MX Master & Minis, Big Whip Competitions and Nite-X.

WOMZA2heels caters for riders of all ages and abilities from a 4 year old just starting out to those still competing in the modern and classic versions of the sport who are well into their sixties (there’s more than you might imagine)!
In addition it has comprehensive event infrastructure and equipment in place to provide affilliated clubs with management, administration and financial support.

Aims & Objectives

WOMZA2Wheels is an independent organisation dedicated to providing efficient management and control of 2-Wheeled motorcycle sports for the benefit of riders whose primary interest is in the sport.

Voluntary work and services are offered by WOMZA2Wheels to keep entry and licence costs as low as possible for the promotors and clubs, as the maintenance and upkeep of dirt circuits are expensive and capital intensive to maintain. WOMZA does not organise events directly, this is done through promotors and clubs.  WOMZA operates within the Rules & Regulations and structures of SRSA and the FIM.